Words, written by me, for you. Hopefully they’re helpful.


COCO Semantic Graph Data

5 minute read


A guide to downloading the BUTD and VSUA/SGAE supplementary datasets for COCO.

Deep Learning Engineering Tricks

11 minute read


Deep learning is full of little engineering tricks (that are sometimes omitted from the papers!), and these are responsible for getting those last few points that will get you state of the art. Here, we go through them one by one, giving an explanation as to how and why they work alongside an intuition as to where they should be used.


What is My PhD About?

6 minute read


A brief overview of what my PhD is about. Written for friends and family.


What is Git?

5 minute read


A copy of my introduction to Git post created for the University of Salford Computing Society. Introduces git, alongside the basic commands such as clone, pull, status, add, commit, and push.